Saturday, June 19, 2010


**** I am going to continue writing my blog again but I have decided for now to leave this post in until I feel I can remove it at a later time. This incident has caused great problems and grief for me. *******


I have decided to quit writing my blog on the Internet for awhile and will continue to write it in private. A certain individual has accused me of copying her blog, almost word for word. I want to state here that it is NOT true in any way, shape or form.

I began writing my story over five years ago. This is my story in my own words - no one else’s. All I have done so far is to copy and paste what I wrote a long time ago onto this blog. I have no interest, need, desire or intention of "stealing" someone else's life story or writing abilities. To do so would not only be ridiculous, but stupid. I would not even be writing my life story if I needed to depend on someone else’s writing skills. If I needed to do that I would hire someone else to write it for me.

I took five writing classes in five quarters of college in preparation for writing my story. Over the years I have read at least 50 Biographies and Autobiographies to get a feel for how others wrote their story and to learn what I liked and didn't like about how they wrote it. I also wanted to learn the kinds of things I didn't want to incorporate into my story. That is the only outside influence, whatsoever, that I have ever had.

I am writing my story because I have been told for years, by many, that I should write it. Also, my children have begged me for years to write it, not only for them but for all of my descendents. I didn’t even have a chance to get to the best parts of my life story here because I feel I am being forced to quit.

My accuser believes that I have read her story and used her words and her phrases in order to write mine. When, in fact I have read very little of her story and have no desire to copy one thing she has written, nor her style of writing. If a sentence or two resemble something she wrote, it is simply a coincidence and nothing more.